Installing Groovy on Mac OSX

  1. Download groovy from
  2. Unpack and move to /usr/share'
    • $ sudo mv ~/Downloads/groovy-binary-1.5.7 /usr/share/
  3. Change ownership and permissions
    • $cd /usr/share
    • $sudo chown -R root:wheel groovy-1.5.7
    • $sudo chmod 0755 groovy-1.5.7/bin/*
  4. Create symlink 
    • $sudo ln -s groovy-1.5.7 groovy
  5. Add GROOVY_HOME and change PATH (in /etc/profile or ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile)
    • GROOVY_HOME=/usr/share/groovy; export GROOVY_HOME
    • PATH=$GROOVY_HOME/bin:$PATH; export PATH
Follow similar procedure for Grails