Creating Grails application to run on Google AppEngine

For screencast see this.

  1. grails create-app myapp
  2. grails uninstall-plugin hibernate
  3. grails install-plugin app-engine
  4. add to Config.groovy - google.appengine.application="myapp"
  5. make sure APPENGINE_HOME environment variable is set and points to GAE SDK
  6. grails create-domain-class com.jpragma.test.Foo (having packages is mandatory)
  7. grails generate-all com.jpragma.test.Foo
  8. grails app-engine
  9. go to http://localhost:8080 and test the app locally
  10. grails set-version 1
  11. grails app-engine package
  12. $APPENGINE_HOME/bin/ update ./target/war/
  13. go to
  14. see application dashboard at